Stinging Scorpion Messages


Scorching Scorpion Meanings and Messages

“Alright. I’m a super-freak when it comes to defense.  I mean, look at me!  From my hard exoskeleton, to my pinchers…not to mention my mean stinger…I’m all about surviving threat.

That’s my lesson for you today.  When I show up, it’s often a prompt to defend yourself, your family, your beliefs.  I’m an especially profound reminder of home defense.  I’m symbolic in many cultures as a sign of protecting house and hearth.

I’m also here to put some zing in your sting.  I’m talking about passion!  Whatever we scorpions do, we do it with gusto.  That’s especially true in the bedroom.  Ok, so we don’t boogie in bedrooms, usually, but you get the hint.  Get jiggy.  Get your passion-play on.  Whatever you do, do it with va-va-va-voom!”

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Moose Messages Got Moxie


Moose Meaning and Moose Messages

“The chick who runs this blog, Avia somebody, is always saying ‘big meanings and messages come in small, unlikely packages.’  Well, I’m here to tell ya, mammoth messages come from massive packages!  I’m a giant in the animal kingdom.  Some of my kind can weigh in at a half ton!

In spite of my gargantuan girth, ironically, I’m an Olympic swimmer.  Seriously! There’s a lesson in that.  When you’re feeling weighed down, find what makes you buoyant.  When a mass of mess is pulling you down, root around for what elevates you.  For every minus, there is a plus.  Whatever burden you’re carrying – I guarantee – there is an uplifting element you can access to uplift you.

Speaking of elevating, I’ve got tremendous instinct.  Consider my antlers as antennae.  I sense everything in my environment.  From my snoot to my toes, I’m equipped with major ESP.  You are too!  Use the gifts Nature has given you (like I do).  Flip your senses on sensual steroids.  Like that weird Toucan Sam  says, ‘Follow your nose! It always knows!’  Also follow the prickles on the back of your neck.  And follow your internal vision.  You are a remarkable treasure trove of extra sensory perception.  Use it! Be a moose, and never get loose on your ability to sense the world around you.”

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You Otter Read This – Otter Meaning and Messages


Otter Guide and Guidance

“I wrote the book on frolic and fun.  Seriously.  Even a group of me and my pals is called a ‘romp’.  So I’m here to remind you to conjure up some quality play time in your life every day.  Why?  Because life’s too short to be all serious all the time.  We know the value of cutting loose and enjoying life.

Part of our lighthearted attitude comes from a sense of curiosity. Give me a sparkly or a bauble and I’m all over it.  Me and my buds are suckers for a good mystery, and we’ll dive into anything to figure it out.  We recommend the same for you humans.  Approach every day with a sense of childlike wonder.  Get your curiosity on!

But we’re not all fun and frenzy.  Nope.  We otters get crazy when it comes to protecting our family and turf.  We also get pretty bonkers about our food.  Mine! Mine!

Me and my otter romp want to leave you with this crucial message: Be balanced.  Play, explore, relax.  But know there is a time and place for getting fierce about protecting what matters most to you too.”

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Snarky, Savvy, Savage Shark Messages


Taking A Bite Out Of Shark Meaning and Shark Messages

“To quote the movie Jaws, ‘we’re going to need a bigger boat’.  That’s what me and my frenzy of sharks want to share with you today.  We sharks are not about modesty.  We are large and in charge.  We are top on the food chain.  We like it that way too (insert big toothy grin here).

I’m here to remind you to chomp down on feelings of insecurity and fear.  There’s no room for that.  Especially if you’re on a mission.  When you’re on the hunt for your dreams and goals, you must be fearless.  You also have to have nerves of steel.  Allow me to instill you with the knowledge that you rule, and you can absolutely succeed.

Okay, we admit. Not everybody is in a place where they can summon the unflinching, brassy gumption of shark-ness.  That’s why me and my lip-smacking friends are here to remind you of the art of motion.

Did you know we sharks must keep  moving in order to stay alive? Your scientists say it has something to do with moving water through our aqua lungs.  Whatever.  Our sharky point is this:  When in doubt, keep moving.  Keep moving in the direction of your desires.  Even if you have no idea what to do – do something.  Because once you sack out, you’re done.  Dropping out of the race of life means death to you and your dreams.  Do what we sharks do:  NEVER GIVE UP!”

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Hog Wild Boar Messages


Wild Boar Guide and Guidance

“Some folks say I have a porky attitude.  I guess that’s true.  I’m not one to be messed with.  I’ve got attitude out the wazoo.  I don’t put up with much guff.  I’ll defend my territory to the tooth.  And when it comes to my family, I’m fierce, ferocious and a force to be reckoned with.

That’s my message for you today.  Be a boar.  Live wild.  Be bold.  Cop an attitude.  Sometimes you just have to.  Me and my passel of hogs watch you humans.  We wonder why you don’t put more spunk in your speech, more swagger in your saunter, more umph in your everything.

We’re not saying you’ve got to be piggy with people.  We’re just saying the boar way is a bold way.  We respect our family and we live by a code.  You can have that structure and respect while still living hog wild.

You don’t have to roll over (unless you like to roll in the mud like me and my hog buddies do).  It’s okay to live large.  Have confidence.  Make your presence known.  Stand up for your turf and treasures.  Sometimes you’ve got to get hog wild, down and dirty to squeeze the stuffing out of life.  So squeal with zeal and be brazen every once in awhile!”

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Not So Silly Goose Messages


Goose Guide and Goose Messages

“I’m a sign of the times.  I’ll show you the shift in the seasons even before you see the first autumn leaf fall, or the first spring bloom.  You might say I’m a good tool for predictions of things to come.  When you see me and my gaggle, get attuned to the changes around you.  Be aware of shifts in the season of your life.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Your alertness will make you prepared for changes ahead.

I’m also here to remind you of loyalty.  Did you know my feathered friends and I are fiercely faithful to each other?  Yep. We never leave a fallen fellow behind.  We’ll stay behind the flock in order to help our friends succeed.  That’s a good way to feather the nest of your lives.  Be loyal to your friends, family, beliefs.  If you do – you’re being loyal to yourself.  Fidelity is a must if you expect to fly right in this world.”

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Bearing Up to Bear Messages


Bear Guide, Guidance and Bear Messages

“I admit, I’m a tricky totem to figure.  I’m engaging, but I also like my privacy.  I can be curious and playful.  But on any given day, I can be cranky and difficult to predict.

This is especially true if I’m a mamma with new cubs.  I’m putting all this down to you for this one reason:  Do what you have to do to protect and preserve that which is precious to you.

Maybe you’re a mamma.  Hear the call of what a new day brings, and do what you must to survive it.  Maybe you’re an aspiring artist. Forage for inspiration far and wide.  Once you’re inspired, fight tooth-and-nail to mash out your masterpiece.  Maybe you’re a business person.  Be calm.  But when you see your chance to strike for your highest benefit – DO IT!

See…I’m all about opportunity.  I won’t make a move until absolutely necessary.  You might benefit from that same kind of behavior.

I’m also here to remind you about the overlooked necessity of rest and relaxation.  I spend quite a bit of my life in hibernation.  My metabolism slows down, my body goes in slow-mode and I just kind of shut down for a spell.  We bears think that’s important to humans.  We think you might benefit from slowing down, taking things easy and getting some rest when circumstances call for relaxation.  Put away the briefcase, shut off the TV, stash your iPhones.  Unplug and decompress for a bit.  You’ll be beary glad you did. 🙂 “

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Head Banging Woodpecker Messages


Woodpecker Guide and Guidance

“Just because I bang my head all day, doesn’t mean I’m a numb-skull.  No way.  In fact, I’m here to remind you to use YOUR head!  But don’t bash your noggin against a brick wall.

Do what I do.  Use your head strategically.  I peck for vital resources. Food and shelter mostly.  What I’m saying is you are totally equipped to use your mind to determine what you need and how to get it.  But I’m not telling you what you don’t already know.  It’s just that sometimes when faced with challenges, we just keep jamming ourselves in a mental rut.  I’m here to encourage you to think outside the box.

As a woodpecker, I see opportunity in unlikely places.  A dead tree is a goldmine for yummy treats and shelter.  Follow my lead.  Consider unconventional resources as great opportunities and solutions.

I’m also here to remind you to move to your own beat.  Fall in step with the rhythm of your own personality.  You are unique (like me!).  That means you ought to march to the beat of your own unique drum.”

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Roar Loud. Stand Proud. Lion Messages


Lion Spirit Guide and Guidance

“I am lion.  Hear me roar!  There’s a reason I’m called the ‘king of the jungle’.  I don’t mess around.  My moves are measured and strategic. My environment doesn’t allow for many mistakes, so I have to make every action count.  I’m often successful because of my confidence.  That’s my big lesson for you today.

If you find yourself in front of challenges, make calculated moves. Try to see the result of your actions.  See the steps you must take clearly.  Then take them.  Trust in your power.  Employ strategy, wit and instinct.  Then make your attack.  What’s key to a ripping victory is confidence.  KNOW you have what it takes to win your battles.

Another lion-lesson is this:  Revel in your greatness.  When we lions get together, we celebrate our victories.  You should do the same.  We also take great pride in our accomplishments.  Whether it’s your family, your job, or overcoming any obstacle…soak in the sun of your glorious achievements.

There is a season for battle, a season for play, a season for rest.  Fight bravely for what you want.  Live largely with what you have. Present yourself with confidence.  Be proud of who you are.”

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Hopping Into Cricket Messages


Cricket Messages and Meaning

“Whoever created the Jiminy Cricket character in Pinocchio wasn’t too far off the mark with my potential and offerings to humankind.

I’m here as a kind of consciousness for you.  Think on it….when me and my orchestra of peeps aren’t serenading you…that’s something to be aware of.  Normally we chirp to our heart’s content.  But when we sense something going on – we are all radio silent.

That’s a good thing for you to remember.  When things seem a little wonky, we crickets recommend you go in deep silence.  Listen to your internal stirrings.  Get quiet and listen to your instinct.  Draw nearer to that still, small voice within.

And when the coast is clear – let us crickets remind you to SING!  Sing to your highest delight, and raise your beautiful voice to the whole world.  Me and my mates sing to attract and woo each other.  When we crickets come into your awareness, let us remind you to sing a cheerful tune to attract the kind of partnerships you want to have in your life.  Get crickety! 😉 ”

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Humdinger Hummingbird Messages


Hummingbird Spirit Guide and Guidance

“Hmmmmmm. You know that old joke: ‘why does a hummingbird hum?  Because she doesn’t know the words!’  I’m not keen on the joke because I have plenty of words to say to you, dear one.

I’m here to remind you of your power and potential.  So often, the most profound power is found in the tiniest of packages.  Do you sometimes feel helpless?  Maybe you feel as though you’re not big, strong or influential enough to make a difference.  Think again!

Look at me!  I’m a pipsqueak in the bird world!  Nevertheless, I have a mighty influence upon the environment.  I pollinate a staggering amount of flowers – 100s of ’em a day!  I’m insuring their survival!  Everywhere I go, I’m creating beauty and life.  YOU CAN TOO!

Don’t underestimate your ability to pollinate your world with big creative energy.  Let me remind you of your brilliant potential.  Think of me and let me jump start your engines.  Get in gear, be energized, discover your industrious nature and get tuned into your glorious abilities to create beauty everywhere you go!”

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Messages from Animal Spirits

Spirit Animal Messages - What Do They Mean?

Animal Spirit Messages – What Do They Mean?

You’d have to go through life like a stone not to get a message from some kind of creature on this earth.

When we encounter a critter, that’s a sign – a message.  What it means is up to interpretation.  But our understanding of animal encounters can sometimes be confusing.  That’s okay.

This blog is available to you for a little guidance if you ever get stuck.  I’ll be posting various messages from creatures all over the world.  The purpose is to kick start a dialogue between you and the creature who has crossed your path.  From crickets to cows, all the living world is waiting to communicate with you.  So take a look around and get inspired!

Get Armed With Armadillo Spirit Animal Messages


Armadillo Spirit Animal Messages

“Howdy! I’m tip-toeing on your scene to remind you of some intense life-lessons.  If you follow my lead, I’ll show you how to embrace your uniqueness and individuality.  When you count your quirks as gifts rather than flaws – you’re at a whole new advantage in life. Let’s face it.  I’m an odd critter.  But all my funky features work together to help me thrive and survive.

I’m also here to encourage you to dig deep from within.  I dig around all the time and am rewarded with delightful goodies.  You can do the same, but dig within your heart and emotions.  Self-contemplation, going within and soul-searching will win you big results in life.”

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Blue Moon Mare Messages

blue moon mare

Messages From the Blue Moon Mare

“Every blue moon, I show up to remind you of some pretty intense elements to life.   As a moon mare, I’m all about driving potential to its final destination.  I’m here to remind you to be wild and passionate about your potential.  Be driven about what you want and let it lead you in the right direction.

As a blue moon mare, I’m extremely effective on your path to galloping towards your goals.  Call upon me during the blue moon.  I’ll maneuver you through the unknowns.  I’ll be your strong guide while you reach for your own personal star of happiness.”

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Nothing Fishy About This Message

spirit animal communication

Fish Spirit Messages

“I’m the one who dives into your imagination when you need a creative boost.  I’m an especially important reminder to pay attention to your dreams.  If you think about it, I’m the one who swims around all day – carefree, and under the surface.  I’m mostly invisible – unless you’re trying to catch me.

No different in the real world.  I dare you to catch me.  Why?  Because catching me is catching your dreams.  Capturing that which inspires you and hooks your imagination.  Just do me a favor.  If you catch me for real on a fishing trip – throw me back, okay?”

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Spirit Animal – Fox Messages

fox spirit animal messages

Spirit Animal Messages From the Fox

“I’m here to remind you to live a little.  Bounce a little.  Play as much as you can.  Love with abandon and passion.  Seize the day!

I’m also a sign to get foxy.  Get moxie.  Get savvy about business or new projects.  If you have a desire you want to hunt down – do it in clever ways.  Think outside the box.  Get cunning and witty about your strategies for getting what you want.”

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Croaky Toad Messages

toad spirit animal

Toad Spirit Guide and Guidance

“Hey, I know I creep out some people.  That’s okay.  I’m not offended.  That’s wisdom I want to impart to you.  Be yourself.  Croak to your own rhythm.  It’s totally cool to be different.  It might freak out the straights.  I mean…I catch my breakfast with my tongue – it’s not the most socially acceptable sight in mixed company.

My point is this: As long as you’re contributing to your ecosystem, connecting with your community, and basically helping the world around you (like I do) … everybody else can take a flying leap if you’re different.  Get toady!”

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Dolphin Spirit Animal Messages

Dolphin Spirit Animal Messages

Dolphin Spirit Animal Messages

“Hi! I want to invite you to dance.  Come swim with me and the rest of my dolphin family.  Get happy.  Enjoy the little things around you.  Be grateful for what you DO have.

I also want to invite you to embrace the unknown.  We dolphins are naturally curious.  We sometimes question why some humans aren’t.  There is so much wonder this world holds – let mystery be your inspiration.  Let your creativity be born from a place of awe.

Lastly, connect with you community.  The dolphin spirit is all about family and friends.  We rely on each other, laugh together, play together – you get the idea.  Do like us dolphins do – link up with people you love.  Let them know you care, and rely on them when you need help.”

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Messages From Your Spirit Animals for Insight and Guidance